Carlsbad Traffic Management Center

Carlsbad, CA — Stack Traffic Consulting was hired to design the City of Carlsbad’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) from the ground up. The project included the development, design, specification, and integration of a new traffic signal communications system and Carlsbad’s Traffic Management Center. The Carlsbad TMC facilitates the new SANDAG Regional Arterial Management System (RAMS) and City-wide traffic signal communications and traffic surveillance system deployment. The system deployment included the TMC server and workstations for the RAMS system, CCTV installations, and a wireless traffic signal communications network. The communications network deployment included an all Ethernet Mesh wireless based system for IP video and data communications. Systems integration included: City Information Systems, RAMS system, and center to field deployment of the IP video and traffic control system. Stack designed the system and assembled the Bid Package for construction and the City had a very successful advertisement. Stack also assisted the City with procuring and assembling server and network components, assisted the contractor with custom fabricated technical solutions, and provided construction management services.