Signal System Improvement Project

San Marcos, CA (Carmel St. & Twin Oaks Valley Rd. ) — This Capital Improvement Project consisted of one new traffic signal, two modified traffic signals, fiber optic interconnect, and several CCTV camera installations. Stack Traffic Consulting provided the design and construction management for the project. The new traffic signal (designed to protect an uncontrolled left turn) and modified traffic signals (at the location of a fire station) were on expedited schedules due to observed traffic conditions. The new traffic signal location is close to a Caltrans Ramp and Stack processed the Encroachment Permit to modify the Caltrans Ramp signals and received quick approval.

Traffic signal construction included: new traffic signal controllers, cabinets, hardware and software, EVP detectors, video detection, detector loops, and signal service. Communication system facilities included fiber optic cable and communication equipment, and CCTV cameras. Specific design responsibilities included the Project PS&E and Bid Package production.

Stack also provided Construction Management including: pre-con meeting, monitoring and inspection of Contractor’s work, daily construction reports, coordination of Contractor’s activities with various utilities and Caltrans, employee interviews for wage compliance, and documentation of time and materials. Stack developed the traffic signal operation and programmed the timing, provided signal turn-on assistance, and system integration of installed fiber optic equipment and controllers and cameras, at the local intersections and the TMC.