City of San Diego Master Plan

Our Plan

City of San Diego, CA — STC Traffic, in partnership with the city, developed a Traffic Signal Communications Master Plan. Our plan provides a foundation and strategy for upgrading and expanding San Diego’s traffic signal communications network. It also outlines steps for development of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) program. The Plan includes details for revamping of over 1,500 traffic signals within the city limits. After a detailed inspection and inventory, we found much of the traffic signals infrastructure to be functionally obsolete. Most of the communication devices lacked readily available replacements and were incapable of hosting newer technology. These factors greatly contribute to San Diego’s transportation troubles. Our Traffic Signal Communications Master Plan lays out a clear path forward to improving traffic signals city wide.

Our Actions

STC inventoried and annotated statuses of the existing traffic signal communications infrastructure. We conclusively determined that a new communications system capable of supporting more recent software should be deployed. The Traffic Signal Communications Master Plan’s execution outlines the plans for the existing system, plans for the future system, and future system implementation phasing. With respect to the existing traffic signal communication system, our plan makes recommendations for locating usable components and for improving strengths of the original system. With respect to the new system, we make recommendations for future communications equipment upgrades with higher performance capabilities; and finally, adapting or updating peripheral networks in coming years.

Our Impact

The implementation of the Traffic Signal Communications Master Plan’s new communication network helped to: eliminate single vendor dependency, increase system availability and capacity, reduce system costs, create a redundant and self healing network, and provide a guide to city staff to help identify future expansion opportunities.

  • CLIENT City of San Diego
  • YEAR 2014
  • WE DID traffic plan, traffic signals, traffic signal communications,
  • PARTNERS Jason Stack