North County San Diego, CA — This design-build project included over 22 miles of railroad construction from Oceanside to Escondido in San Diego’s North County for the new Sprinter rail service. The original scope included traffic signal design / modifications for four at-grade crossings, including two I-5 ramp intersections. As a result of the success in achieving construction permit approval from several agencies under a constrained timeframe, NCTD expanded this scope to include coordinating all traffic related work between the owner, construction management team, design team, agencies and contractors, and providing and implementing the traffic signal preemption operation.

Installed facilities include: traffic signals, pre-signals, blank-out signs, advance warning signals, preemption circuitry, signal interconnect, vehicle and emergency detection systems, controller hardware and software, service enclosures, and equipment. The specific traffic signal related work included: preemption timing and phasing operation development, design review and modification, traffic controller logic programming, various traffic signal circuit design and implementation, and inspection and acceptance testing of all traffic related installed facilities at 37 active grade crossings and 25 interconnected traffic signals.